Trident 9 Beta Released!


Trident v9 is a large feature update with hundreds of improvements, new modules, new core features and new integrations. Even though it's a BETA, you can still use it to upgrade your v8 sites and there will be an upgrade path from this beta to further updates and eventually final release.

Download link:


New features

- New modules:

  • Market
  • Groups
  • Facebook Connect
  • Trident Connect
  • OAuth2 Server
  • Chat+
  • Payment
  • DataFox
  • ACL

- New "Protean" template with customizable "Styles"

- Reports system

- MySQL PDO is now used everywhere

- New language switcher

- Uploader with cropping functionality

- Site-wide "Covers" with action buttons

- Albums: actions on every image page

- Forms: uploader selector in Forms Builder

- Persons & Orgs: privacy

- Timeline: pinned posts

- Notifications: more events are supported

- Studio Pages Builder: attachments uploading for HTML blocks

- Studio Pages Builder: allow to hide blocks on desktop, tablet and/or mobile

- Sets. The new system feature that allows various settings to be saved as "Sets". Currently impelmented in Pretean template styles builder, Sets can be saved and re-used to quickly apply different combination of styles. 


Staying with current release branch

You can stay with the "final release" versions branch and wait until your site gets automatically upgraded when 9.0.0 final release is available. 

However you may want to disable automatic module update to not receive error messages about modules updates (Settings > Site Settings > Apps auto-update), or just ignore these emails until 9.0.0 final is released. 



Upgrading current sites to Beta version

Since this is a Beta version your current site should stay intact. You would need to "force upgrade" to try the Beta version (later it will be upgraded to Beta 2, RC and finally Release). 

To do it, you need to change the following line in inc/classes/BxDolUpgrader.php file:

protected $_sUrlVersionCheck = '';


protected $_sUrlVersionCheck = '';


Before upgrading to Beta version, go to Apps > Storefront and login to your Boonex account, where Key&Secret pair is stored.

Then go to Apps > Purchases. 

This is needed to properly update paid modules.



- Person & Orgs forms were changed, so some reordering may be required if you made any custom changes.

- Login, Create Account (Join) forms were re-set, so reordering may be required if there were custom changes

- Footer menu may require reorganisation: Terms & Privacy pages were added, so you will probably need to fill this pages with your original content, or just remove them in Navigator.

- After system upgrade, wait for 1 minute to allow modules to update. Trying to open site during this time will result in a PHP error.

- After upgrade is completed install pre-downloaded "Protean" template.

- Clearing of site caches may be required to correctly display the new template.

- New Facebook Connect module requires PHP 5.6. You can temporarily add the following code in inc/ file for older PHP versions:


if(!function_exists('hash_equals')) {

    function hash_equals($a, $b) {

        $ret = strlen($a) ^ strlen($b);

        $ret |= array_sum(unpack("C*", $a^$b));

        return !$ret;





Thank you!

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  • hi..i follow the step provided in the post ..but after upgrade my website page is not opening ..
    its saying "HTTP ERROR 500" how to fix this ..