Trident 8 - The First Full Release

Over 5 years in the making, the next-generation Social CMS - Trident is available for download and use on production sites.

Just like a trident that has three prongs Trident platform is focused on three main aspects:

Content Management

Trident provides full range of CMS features, such as custom page builders, navigation builders, database builder, multiple-languages, content publishing modules, media uploader, permissions control and much more.

Social Networking

Trident takes "social" to the next level, offering unprecedented core tools for social networking projects. Only in Trident one account user may create multiple profiles of different kinds, switching between them seamlessly. Communication, sharing, likes, subscriptions, notifications and connections are built-in and integrated into every modules, every page and every feature.

Community Organisation

We strongly believe that every social website based on Trident should have a defined purpose - cause, interest or idea that unites people. Trident is not a tool for firing up endless Facebook clones and generic social networks. It's a technical solution for getting people together to solve real problems and achieve common goals. 


Trident 8 - Download and Play

Trident is a young platform, with only a handful of available modules, templates and plugins (we call them "apps"). More apps will appear on Trident store (it's inside of the Trident Studio management panel) in coming months. 

At this stage we are offering Trident "as is" - software only, open-source, free to download and use. Hosted options will be added next year and more documentation, APIs and support resources are on the way, too. 


Download Trident 8

Installation Manual

Trident Repo, Docs and Wiki


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