Trident RC Released!

Trident is near-production-ready now, so hopefully the next update will be final!

Number of bugs were fixed as well as some small improvements added:

  • links sharing in Timeline fetches and displays link's image
  • more actions are supported in Timeline and Notifications modules
  • better links detection engine
  • cover image is resized much better
  • we get rid of new reCaptcha in favour of old reCaptcha since new reCaptcha isn't responsive and people find it very difficult to solve it, also captcha field can be easily removed from join form via forms builder
  • Invitation module enhancements: admin can send unlimited invitations and option to disable "join by invitation only" without uninstalling it, so it can be used for simple invitations
  • save grid state (such as paginate and filter) after language editing in Studio
  • retina site icon
  • more control over forms builder in Developer module
  • 2 more block layouts - "Content + Title + Padding" and "Content + Title"

Happy testing!




Comments (1)
  • All modules when will available in market like classified, videos others
    better links detection engine , what video can play in website. get video thumbnail to youtube but when click at thumbnail website move on youtube . it's will best if video play in trident