Trident Beta2 Released

The second beta is out in the open! Update should automatically push to all Trident sites (how cool is that!).  There are a few minor improvements and a number of bug fixes. 

We have already seen a few thousand downloads of Beta 1 and received a lot of incredibly positive and constructive feedback. Thank you for diving in so early and helping us sort out the beta-software issues!

The plan is to weed out any glitches, little quirks and nuisances ASAP and release a stable version. Once that is done we'd be able to progress to the new features development. Things are moving incredibly fast now, so stay tuned and don't lose your hats!

What's New in Trident Beta 2

- better server audit 

- no JS minification for already minified files

- auto HTTPS redirect

- animated icon in submenu

- no dependency on ImageMagick

Download Trident Beta 2

Comments (3)
  • So far so good on my end. Reporting bugs and/or fixes as I come across them. Thanks for sticking it out regardless of the negative comments or not.
    • Negative comments are expected. It's too early in the game and not many people see the potential. We've been working with Trident long enough to realise that it has a very powerful and intuitive core, which we will be building upon. Once there're more bells and whistles, more positive comments will follow.

      Thank you for active participation and help, Jeremy!
    • Anything I can do to help, just let me know. Been around for a few years and will be sticking around for more. :-)