The first Trident Beta released!

After over 5 years of active development, the very first feature-final version of Trident is available for download! Trident is created as a completely mobile-friendly social networking platform that updates automatically and enables effortless website management. Trident is for people who want to create a social network, but don't want to meddle with source code, version updates, complicated module installations or any other overly technical things. And yet Trident is a powerful, modern, open-source CMS that would intrigue a developer just as much. 
Trident is distributed via Additional “Apps” for Trident can be downloaded via Trident Studio - the site configuration system that comes with every Trident installation. Studio is accessible at domain/studio.
Developers can create and submit their Apps for Trident via BoonEx Market.

Beautiful. Responsive. Tap-Friendly. Retina-Ready.

First and foremost Trident is designed for responsiveness. We test on mobiles, tablets and desktops. Today's social networks get most of their traffic from mobile devices and we prioritise accordingly. We make sure that all graphics support 1x and 2x resolution, and all interface icons are vector-based. Typography, link targets and navigation are all optimised for tap-control and reading from compact screens. 
The power of being able to both use and manage a social network "on-the-go" is incredible. Users get hooked and keep coming back, admins can manage content instantly and site operators are free to control their social networks even while on a leisurely vacation!  
Trident is fine-tuned to make your social networks feel modern, sleek and well... friendly! It's new, yet familiar. It's somehow intuitive and relaxed. Trident is bringing the content and social interactions forward. It gives live to your idea

Infinitely Customisable 

Trident features an unprecedented  configuration system, called . Idea behind Studio is in separation of site content administration and general site configuration. They are different jobs, often for different people. Administration can be done by trusted site members (such as moderators) or by hired admins. Configuration, however, is a creative process that reflects ideas and vision of the "artist" - the site operator - yourself. Studio is the place where all the site settings, pages, modules, languages, templates and plugins are controlled. We call them Trident Apps. Every app adds and changes functionality - it is just a building block - you can mix and match Apps to achieve whatever you have in mind.
Core configuration Apps, such as Pages, Navigation, Forms, Permissions, Designer and Polyglot allow deep customisation of the site structure, design, database and layout.  
Building a site page, for example, is just a matter of choosing the right blocks and configuring their visibility for different members. 

This Is Just The Beginning

True power of Trident is in Apps. The Apps that are yet to come from developers, designers, linguists, service providers, plugin-makers - creators. And come they will! Trident is a unique SocialCMS  that makes a perfect "base" for the new ecosystem to emerge and flourish. Trident will continue to evolve and will become the world's best social network platform
Comments (17)
    • Joe
      Are any privacy controls on the user side planned? Right now it seems profiles are visible to all.

      At the moment the new post/photo system with the category selector seems a bit Dolphin-esque... a little antiquated. There were lots of clicks and things to type just to upload a photo.

      Being able to resize and move the main profile cover image would be good.

      It's running fast though and looks nice and simple, keep up the good work.
    • After uploading files I got
      Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_FUNCTION in /home/content/n/u/r....../inc/ on line 993
      Is there a forum for trident or we go back to boonex?
      UPDATE!!! I had 5.2 PHP version, updated to 5.3 and installed core.... looking around..
      • It looks like have old incompatible PHP version, what is your PHP version ? what is the output regarding PHP version in Studio > Dashboard > Host Tools > Server Audit ?
        • Hi there I updated my php to 5.3 on the server and then I was able to install it. Then I started installing free apps and once I started installing SMTP is froze studio is there, nothing happens when I want to install timeline, the site doesnt react even cant check server audit, I click on it but nothing happens... The front page is there but when you click on join or login it says cant find whats the minimum php version? should I try to reinstall it?
        • Got your note this eve and setup a site ... has a lot of potential. Received no errors. Did find an interesting situation, where, after I created a second profile at the request of the software, it locked me out of administration. Had to reset via phpMyAdmin. Other than, what comes with it appears to function. The one item available downloaded and installed without issue.

          Thanks for letting me play in the beta sandbox.