Trident v9 is a large feature update with hundreds of improvements, new modules, new core features and new integrations. Even though it's a BETA, you can still use it to upgrade your v8 sites and there will be an upgrade path from this beta to further updates and eventually final release.
Download... see more link:
New features
- New modules:
Facebook Connect
Trident Connect
OAuth2 Server
- New "Protean" template with customizable "Styles"
- Reports system
- MySQL PDO is now used everywhere
- New language switcher
- Uploader with cropping functionality
- Site-wide "Covers" with action buttons
- Albums: actions on every image page
- Forms: uploader selector in Forms Builder
- Persons & Orgs: privacy
- Timeline: pinned posts
- Notifications: more events are supported
- Studio Pages Builder: attachments uploading for HTML blocks
- Studio Pages Builder: allow to hide blocks on desktop, tablet and/or mobile
- Sets. The new system feature that allows various settings to be saved as "Sets". Currently impelmented in Pretean template styles builder, Sets can be saved and re-used to quickly apply different combination of styles. 
Staying with current release branch
You can stay with the "final release" versions branch and wait until your site gets automatically upgraded when 9.0.0 final release is available. 
However you may want to disable automatic module update to not receive error messages about modules updates (Settings > Site Settings > Apps auto-update), or just ignore these emails until 9.0.0 final is released. 
Upgrading current sites to Beta version
Since this is a Beta version your current site should stay intact. You would need to "force upgrade" to try the Beta version (later it will be upgraded to Beta 2, RC and finally Release). 
To do it, you need to change the following line in inc/classes/BxDolUpgrader.php file:
protected $_sUrlVersionCheck = 'http://rss.boonex.com/trident/';
protected $_sUrlVersionCheck = 'http://rss.boonex.com/trident-beta/';
Before upgrading to Beta version, go to Apps > Storefront and login to your Boonex account, where Key&Secret pair is stored.
Then go to Apps > Purchases. 
This is needed to properly update paid modules.
- Person & Orgs forms were changed, so some reordering may be required if you made any custom changes.
- Login, Create Account (Join) forms were re-set, so reordering may be required if there were custom changes
- Footer menu may require reorganisation: Terms & Privacy pages were added, so you will probably need to fill this pages with your original content, or just remove them in Navigator.
- After system upgrade, wait for 1 minute to allow modules to update. Trying to open site during this time will result in a PHP error.
- After upgrade is completed install pre-downloaded "Protean" template.
- Clearing of site caches may be required to correctly display the new template.
- New Facebook Connect module requires PHP 5.6. You can temporarily add the following code in inc/header.inc.php file for older PHP versions:
if(!function_exists('hash_equals')) {
    function hash_equals($a, $b) {
        $ret = strlen($a) ^ strlen($b);
        $ret |= array_sum(unpack("C*", $a^$b));
        return !$ret;
Thank you!
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I'm trying to make a new menu item and it give me warning.
Studio>Forms>Persons in Fields of Add, Edit and View
Studio>Forms>Organisations in Fields of Add, Edit and View
Requesting to add Website in the listing under "Add New Field". For view, one should be able to click the link to person's and/or organisation's website.
Trident is becoming that much easier to install. Now it is available as a Docker image, which you can already see at https://hub.docker.com/r/boonex/trident/ .
Docker allows you to package an application with all of its dependencies into a standardized unit for software development. For now you... see more need to have MySQL server running on you host machine or another docker container with MySQL server to complete Trident installation, but we are working on a full docker-compose file to run it all together (coming in a few days).
So Trident can now be run in a docker container as easy as executing the following command:
docker run -p 8000:80 boonex/trident
If you pull the image before it (docker pull boonex/trident) then it should be running in a few seconds.
If you run it on local computer then Trident installation should start when you open http://localhost:8000 in your browser.
Good luck!
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this is a very interesting module and I'm looking forward to learn how to set it.

Just pics I have
Over 5 years in the making, the next-generation Social CMS - Trident is available for download and use on production sites.
Just like a trident that has three prongs Trident platform is focused on three main aspects:
Content Management
Trident provides full range of CMS features, such as custom... see more page builders, navigation builders, database builder, multiple-languages, content publishing modules, media uploader, permissions control and much more.
Social Networking
Trident takes "social" to the next level, offering unprecedented core tools for social networking projects. Only in Trident one account user may create multiple profiles of different kinds, switching between them seamlessly. Communication, sharing, likes, subscriptions, notifications and connections are built-in and integrated into every modules, every page and every feature.
Community Organisation
We strongly believe that every social website based on Trident should have a defined purpose - cause, interest or idea that unites people. Trident is not a tool for firing up endless Facebook clones and generic social networks. It's a technical solution for getting people together to solve real problems and achieve common goals. 
Trident 8 - Download and Play
Trident is a young platform, with only a handful of available modules, templates and plugins (we call them "apps"). More apps will appear on Trident store (it's inside of the Trident Studio management panel) in coming months. 
At this stage we are offering Trident "as is" - software only, open-source, free to download and use. Hosted options will be added next year and more documentation, APIs and support resources are on the way, too. 
Download Trident 8
Installation Manual
Trident Repo, Docs and Wiki
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Trident is near-production-ready now, so hopefully the next update will be final!
Number of bugs were fixed as well as some small improvements added:
links sharing in Timeline fetches and displays link's image
more actions are supported in Timeline and Notifications modules
better links detection... see more engine
cover image is resized much better
we get rid of new reCaptcha in favour of old reCaptcha since new reCaptcha isn't responsive and people find it very difficult to solve it, also captcha field can be easily removed from join form via forms builder
Invitation module enhancements: admin can send unlimited invitations and option to disable "join by invitation only" without uninstalling it, so it can be used for simple invitations
save grid state (such as paginate and filter) after language editing in Studio
retina site icon
more control over forms builder in Developer module
2 more block layouts - "Content + Title + Padding" and "Content + Title"
Happy testing!
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How to resend confirmation email to request user to confirm the email address repeat if not response in certain period, say 2 days?
Where to set to allow Registration is by invitation only?
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Gap between borders need to be reduced in the template. Right now if you see outline there is pretty much bigger gap then the needed gap. same is the case with gap between main menu and outline.
Different suggested models that could be under water aircraft carrier.
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Привет всем. Меня зовут Кузя.
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For anyone living in a condo or house, you know that freeing up any extra space is a big deal. But did you know that investing in a wall bed is a good way to do it? Because of their unique design, wall beds can provide quite a bit of extra living space. They are also both practical and fashionable, which... see more makes redesigning your condo/studio apartment or house/office with a wall bed a great idea!
I have to say that trident has a great potential to become "The ultimate social script online and mobile". I have installed the script which is very simple to deal with (provided that you meet script server requirements)  I would like to ask if possible to post a small tutorial on how to create Login,... see more Sign in, edit profile, etc. 
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The second beta is out in the open! Update should automatically push to all Trident sites (how cool is that!).  There are a few minor improvements and a number of bug fixes. 
We have already seen a few thousand downloads of Beta 1 and received a lot of incredibly positive and constructive feedback.... see more Thank you for diving in so early and helping us sort out the beta-software issues!
The plan is to weed out any glitches, little quirks and nuisances ASAP and release a stable version. Once that is done we'd be able to progress to the new features development. Things are moving incredibly fast now, so stay tuned and don't lose your hats!
What's New in Trident Beta 2
- better server audit 
- no JS minification for already minified files
- auto HTTPS redirect
- animated icon in submenu
- no dependency on ImageMagick
Download Trident Beta 2
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i have many time try for updates each every 1 hour . but i still face same problem . see screenshot . please tell me solution
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