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Trident is a powerful software platform that you can use to create awesome social networks.
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README: We are building Trident to be responsive, modular, customisable and easy to manage. With a bit of caution Trident BETA can already be used for building real social networks, though it is a work-in-progress and may do anything it likes up to and including poking holes in your socks.

Trident Screenshots

· Andrew Boon
Seamlessly adapting to any screen, maintaining constant look and functionality.Use or manage your social network on-the-go.Studio Launcher - the place where magic happens. Mix and match apps, set settings, customize, change options - make your social site special.End-users will appreciate app-like look and sleek performance.Customise any page. Add pre-made or custom blocks, shuffle them around, change their look and visibility.Build forms and define your own database structure - this is the way to focus your site on your niche, your idea, your vision.

Trident is now available as a Docker image!

· Andrew Boon
Trident is now available as a Docker image! Trident is becoming that much easier to install. Now it is available as a Docker image, which you can already see at . Docker allows you to package an application with all of its dependencies into a standardized unit for software development. For now you need to have MySQL server running on you host machine or another docker container with MySQL server to complete Trident installation, but we are working on a full docker-compose file to run it all together (coming in a few days). So Trident can now be run in a docker container as easy as executing the following command: docker run -p 8000:80 boonex/trident If you pull the image before it (docker p

Trident 8 - The First Full Release

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Trident 8 - The First Full Release Over 5 years in the making, the next-generation Social CMS - Trident is available for download and use on production sites. Just like a trident that has three prongs Trident platform is focused on three main aspects: Content Management Trident provides full range of CMS features, such as custom page builders, navigation builders, database builder, multiple-languages, content publishing modules, media uploader, permissions control and much more. Social Networking Trident takes "social" to the next level, offering unprecedented core tools for social networking projects. Only in Trident one account user may create multiple profiles of different kinds, switching between them seamlessly. Com

Trident RC Released!

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Trident is near-production-ready now, so hopefully the next update will be final! Number of bugs were fixed as well as some small improvements added: links sharing in Timeline fetches and displays link's image more actions are supported in Timeline and Notifications modules better links detection engine cover image is resized much better we get rid of new reCaptcha in favour of old reCaptcha since new reCaptcha isn't responsive and people find it very difficult to solve it, also captcha field can be easily removed from join form via forms builder Invitation module enhancements: admin can send unlimited invitations and option to disable "join by invitation only" without uninstalling

Trident Beta2 Released

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Trident Beta2 Released The second beta is out in the open! Update should automatically push to all Trident sites (how cool is that!).  There are a few minor improvements and a number of bug fixes.  We have already seen a few thousand downloads of Beta 1 and received a lot of incredibly positive and constructive feedback. Thank you for diving in so early and helping us sort out the beta-software issues! The plan is to weed out any glitches, little quirks and nuisances ASAP and release a stable version. Once that is done we'd be able to progress to the new features development. Things are moving incredibly fast now, so stay tuned and don't lose your hats! What's New in Trident Beta 2 - better server audit 
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You are awesome!

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You are awesome! Wow! Feeling incredibly humbled and grateful. Hundreds of wonderful people joining, requesting invitations and generally giving us their time. The energy of enthusiasm, support and creativity is amazing! More than ever we are determined to do everything we can to equip you with truly capable software.  Wow, look at just some of the "invitation request" notes from you:  im with boonex since 2007 , I deserve to join I have been with boonex for many years now. So yes of course im gonna register here too :-) I have followed boonex for years. You guys are awesome!!!! I have been a part of Boonex for 8yrs now! I would love to continue to be a part of it! To create Love Peace and Ha

The first Trident Beta released!

· Andrew Boon
The first Trident Beta released!   After over 5 years of active development, the very first feature-final version of Trident is available for download! Trident is created as a completely mobile-friendly social networking platform that updates automatically and enables effortless website management. Trident is for people who want to create a social network, but don't want to meddle with source code, version updates, complicated module installations or any other overly technical things. And yet Trident is a powerful, modern, open-source CMS that would intrigue a developer just as much.    Trident is distributed via Additional “Apps” for Trident can be downloaded via Trident Studio - the site configuration system