Launch Your Own Mobile-Friendly Social Network
Trident is a powerful software platform that you can use to create awesome social networks.
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README: We are building Trident to be responsive, modular, customisable and easy to manage. With a bit of caution Trident BETA can already be used for building real social networks, though it is a work-in-progress and may do anything it likes up to and including poking holes in your socks.

Trident Screenshots

· Andrew Boon
Seamlessly adapting to any screen, maintaining constant look and functionality.Use or manage your social network on-the-go.Studio Launcher - the place where magic happens. Mix and match apps, set settings, customize, change options - make your social site special.End-users will appreciate app-like look and sleek performance.Customise any page. Add pre-made or custom blocks, shuffle them around, change their look and visibility.Build forms and define your own database structure - this is the way to focus your site on your niche, your idea, your vision.